Who we are

“There is that moment out there of so much beauty, wildness and grandeur where all facade falls off me. And what then remains, what I am then, is suddenly congruent with this vastness, with this actually incomprehensible. And I feel that this is right, that nature doesn't want to throw me away, that I belong there - with sun, wind, rain and snow."
You don't need much for climbing and bouldering. Often, however, what little is important: a few meters of rope, a harness, the belay device, a few quickdraws and carabiners, climbing shoes and a crash pad perhaps - but above all a good and reliable partner - when spotting, belaying, encouraging, comforting, while enjoying and drinking coffee.

You only need a little to be out and about outside, but what you need has to work to the point - simple and functional.

In search of the best possible climbing and outdoor clothing, we started producing our own pieces - developed in Franconian Switzerland, with love for nature and our sport, high quality and at a fair price.

I'll see you out there.